• Auckland Microfab


    Cleanroom and Microfab events and equipment bookings are shown on the calendars below.  Users MUST book all of their time in the cleanroom and should specify the equipment / process planned. Users are encouraged to book their usage of equipment outside of the cleanroom as well.

    • Contact Bryon Wright to enquire about access to these calendars.
    • To book: add your name, equipment to use, and other details to an event on the relevant calendar
    • For overlapping work, priority goes to the first to sign up, please work this out using the user list to contact other users
    • Do not modify bookings without first obtaining permission from the user who made the booking
    • Some of the equipment in the cleanroom can not be scheduled simultaneously, e.g. photolithography and spin coater, photolithography and mask aligner, PDMS and ovens, RIE and benchtop sputterer  – ask the lab manager for details.

    CLEANROOM CALENDAR – Use this for work INSIDE the cleanroom (e.g. photolithography, RIE, Dektak)


    MICROFAB CALENDAR – Use this for work OUTSIDE the cleanroom (e.g. laser cutter, microscopes)

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